The Dark Side of the Bible


In one of the darkest moments in the war between Homer Simpson and Ned Flanders on the TV show The Simpsons, Homer is about to unleash a swarm of locusts on his adversary. “Wow,” crows his son Bart. “Where’d you get that idea?” Homer pulls out a small black-covered book. “The Bible,” he whispers. “It’s the trickster’s bible!”

The Good Book has a reputation for being, well, good. But there’s a host of stories inside that are hair-raising enough to make you gasp–or to appease (or inspire) your inner trickster. Recently, the humor website profiled “The Nine Most Bad@$$ Bible Verses,” starting with Moses “killing an Egyptian and hiding him in the sand,” and going through murder, prostitution, and bear-maulings. And MyJewishLearning’s own list of Ten Surprising Bible Stories offers even more biblical excitement, from a chopped-up concubine to Moses’ magical healing snake.

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