Video: Palestinian Youths Go “Gaza Style”


By now chances are you’ve seen Gangnam Style (and our post about it) but here’s something new: “Gaza Style”

Produced by a group of Palestinian youths, this music video exemplifies the best of gallows humor: The narrative is all about the hardships of life in the Gaza Strip, but its delivery is perfectly comical.

When the group’s car runs out of gas, the young men push it past broken ATM machines and piles of debris to a gas station. But when they find it shuttered, they turn to donkeys instead—one of which features, on its rear end, the same handwritten “Out of Fuel” that greeted them at the gas station. Finally, the group sneaks boxes of snacks out of Rafah’s infamous smuggling tunnels and finds themselves face-to-face with the gated Egyptian border—all of which suggest that YouTube (and the fandom it’s bringing them) may be the most freedom these youths will be seeing for a while.

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