Ga-ga, The Israeli Dodgeball



When New York dance studios began offering Gaga classes, some people asked, “Wait, you need to go to a class to learn Ga-ga?” You can forgive them for the confusion, but in Israel, Ga-ga (from the Hebrew verb for touch) is similar to what American kids call dodge ball.

Ga-ga can be played anywhere, though officially, it should be played in an octagonal pit. The rules are relatively simple: keep the ball in the pit, only use your hands, no using the wall. Unlike in dodgeball, you strike the ball, rather than catching and throwing it.

Kids at Jewish summer camps have been playing (probably thanks to imported Israeli counselors) for decades. But even parents have gotten in on the action. Two years ago, two Upper East Side mothers opened up Manhattan’s first (and most expensive) Gaga Center. Yes, they’ll play Lady Gaga on the stereo.


Watch a game of Ga-ga:

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