Beatboxing for Passover


For a people so committed to explaining ourselves, it’s not terribly surprising that at some point, we’d find a way to fit beatboxing into the story of Passover if it could help us enliven the narrative.

Backstage Pass(over), a new, free album produced by 3200 Stories, is just that: The story of four musicians—one wise, one wicked, one simple, and one who can’t ask (sound familiar?)—it traces the (fictional) waning moments before they take the stage for what might be the last show of their careers. Featuring soul music, rap, beatboxing, live vocal looping, and sound collage, the musical and theatrical performance explores the “relationship between personal freedom and collective obligation.” Perfect for Pesach, no?

Inspired, in part,  by the New York exhibit of painter Kehinde Wiley’s diverse portraits entitled “The World Stage: Israel,” Backstage Pass(over) was originally performed live at The Contemporary Jewish Museum‘s Out of Order Seder last year – in fact, the entire show can be seen here (scroll down!).

Now go make yourself some matzah brei and bop along to this one.

See another beatboxing Jew:

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