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  • News Brief

    After a rare snowstorm dumped more than a foot of snow on Jerusalem, roads leading to the city were clogged by unprecedented traffic jams caused by Israelis who wanted to see the snow. The swarm of sightseers created bumper-to- bumper traffic extending some 30 miles from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

  • News Brief

    Snow blanketed portions of Israel on Monday. Because of heavy snow in the north, the Hermon ski resort and roads leading to the Golan Heights were closed. In Jerusalem, which witnessed major traffic jams, schools closed at 2 p.m.

  • News Brief

    Israel braced Sunday for a severe winter storm that was expected to dump snow on hilltops in the north and center of the country, including Jerusalem. Weather forecasters predicted heavy rains, strong winds and plunging temperatures, along with the snow that was expected to begin falling in the north on Monday night.

  • Heavy Rains Flood Roads in Israel; Jerusalem Railway Affected

    The first snow of the season in Israel fell this morning in Galilee to add to the woes of a population buffeted by incessant rain for the past week. Rain and gales lashed central Israel for the past 24 hours, flooding almost all roads leading from Tel Aviv to the south and east. The railway…

  • News Brief

    Heavy snow fell, covering the streets of Jerusalem, during Friday and Saturday. The snow fall, reached considerable height in certain quarters. The population was fearful of the damage which the snow may cause to houses which were not built to withstand heavy weather. During the last heavy snowfall, which occurred several years ago the roofs…

  • At Least 23 Killed in an Avalanche That Destroys Jerusalem Coffeehouse

    Arabs and Jews worked shoulder to shoulder in a 24-hour rescue operation that ended Sunday afternoon with the removal of at least 23 dead and 22 injured from an Arab coffeehouse in East Jerusalem that was buried under a mudslide Saturday. But the human solidarity shown in the face of tragedy did not last. Some…

  • Israel’s Heaviest Snowstorm Leaves Jerusalem in the Dark

    The snow that blanketed Jerusalem last week delighted children of all ages, but it also left the holy city in darkness and created numerous inconveniences for its residents. Tens of thousands of Jerusalemites were without electricity for up to four days following power outages created by the snowstorm and the floods that occurred elsewhere in…

  • News Brief

    Snowstorms froze much of Israel. Winter blizzards brought heavy snow to the Jewish state Wednesday, from Mount Hermon in the North to Jerusalem to the Negev Desert in the South.

  • News Brief

    A winter storm diverted Israelis’ attention from coalition talks and the security situation. Strong winds and rain lashed the country, and a snow alert was in effect for the Golan, Galilee, Jerusalem and Samaria hills.

  • Israel Gets 12-inch Snowstorm; Electricity Crippled; Snowfall in Desert

    A record snowstorm covered Jerusalem and northern Galilee with 10 and 12 inches of snow today and crippled electricity and telephone service. The unusual cold wave accompanying the snow Friday night brought a snowfall even to the normally hot Negev desert. Life came to a virtual standstill in snowbound Jerusalem, halting what little traffic normally…