Argentine university condemns 2 professors for being ‘promoters of anti-Semitism’


BUENOS AIRES, Argentina (JTA) — An Argentine university has condemned two professors for social media posts that criticized “dual loyalty” and said  “Zionist Judaism is the greatest catastrophe for humanity.”

On Wednesday, the leadership of the University of Cuyo, located in Argentina’s northwest, published a resolution that called the professors “discriminatory and promoters of anti-Semitism.” The resolution comes after a yearlong investigation of Julio Alejandro Neme Dorah and Silvia Sassola.

On May 1, Neme Dorah, who teaches Arab studies, called for a rebellion against “Talmudist usurers.” He is regularly interviewed by a campus program called “Arab Debate,” and has claimed that “Zionist Judaism is the greatest catastrophe for humanity. … Masters of the lie, they poison every people and are the enemies of humanity. The Talmud and Torah are the true Sword of Damocles.”

Sassola, a journalist, accused Argentine Jews of “double loyalty” and has echoed other anti-Semitic stereotypes.

The resolution requests that both professors work “in respect of cultural diversity.” It also requires Sassola to remove the name of the university from his Twitter bio.

The Argentine  Jewish political umbrella organization, DAIA, and the Simon Wiesenthal Center sent the resolution to the organizers of an upcoming conference hosted by Neme Dorah called “From Versailles to Gaza.” They are requesting that the event be canceled.

Last year, the Wiesenthal Center flagged the professors’ anti-Semitic speech in a letter to the university administration.

“The resolution ensures that university campuses are not to be the breeding ground for discrimination and incitement to hatred,” Shimon Samuels, the center’s director of international relations, said in a statement.

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