Brazil arrests Israeli head of international drug smuggling network 


(JTA) — An Israeli drug dealer who leads a smuggling network was captured in Brazil after trying to escape extradition.

Dany Treyger, 32, was initially arrested last week in Bolivia and taken to Paraguay’s capital city, Asuncion. He was expelled from Paraguay and handed over to Israeli authorities, who were to escort him to the Jewish state on a flight via Brazil, the Paraguayan newspaper La Nacion reported.

Due to problems with the flight in Sao Paulo, Treyger was lodged at a hotel, from where he escaped on Sunday. He was rearrested on Wednesday

Treyger, an Israeli citizen, was scheduled to be on a plane Thursday to Israel, which announced earlier this week that 37 suspects had been arrested for involvement in the drug smuggling network, the Israeli media reported.

Treyger intended to establish a base of operations between Paraguay and Bolivia, where women would be recruited to smuggle drugs to Israel, the ABC Color news website reported.

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