Jewish hotel in Poland offers free rooms to doctors wary of exposing their families to coronavirus germs


WARSAW (JTA) — The Hotel Ilan in Lublin, a city in central Poland, is offering 60 rooms for free to health care professionals busy battling the coronavirus, at times for exhaustive stretches.

Breakfast is included, said Agnieszka Kolibska, the hotel manager. It’s the only hotel in the city offering free rooms for doctors.

Some don’t want to go home right away and be in close contact with family members after a shift working closely with coronavirus patients.

“We are glad that as a hotel and the local Jewish community we can support health care in these hard times,” Kolibska said.

The hotel is located in the building of what was formerly one of the largest yeshivas in the world, founded by Rabbi Meir Yehuda Shapiro in 1930. The building now belongs to the Warsaw Jewish Community organization.

Elsewhere, in Warsaw, the Jewish Theater donated a hundred sewn masks to the city’s Social Welfare Center. Now it’s preparing to send a package of them to an orphanage in Warsaw.

Poland has seen 11,273 cases of COVID-19 and 524 deaths.

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