Pakistani movie star Veena Malik tweets Hitler quote about killing Jews in response to Israel-Gaza violence


(JTA) — Veena Malik, an actress who has starred in over a dozen Pakistani and Bollywood films and shows, tweeted a series of incendiary remarks about the ongoing Israel-Gaza conflict, including a quote by Adolf Hitler about killing Jews.

“I would have killed all the Jews of the world … but I kept some to show the world why I killed them,” Malik tweeted Tuesday.

She also tweeted “#IronDome is doomed” with a laughing emoji, referencing Israel’s missile defense system, which has been overwhelmed by rockets fired from Hamas in the Gaza Strip.

By Wednesday afternoon, all of the tweets were gone from her account. The only remaining one about the conflict was a retweet of Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan urging the “international community” to “take immediate action to protect the Palestinian people and their rights.”

Malik, 37, a former comedian and sex symbol, has won honors from Pakistani awards shows for her acting performances over the past two decades.

Six Israelis and at least 53 Palestinians in Gaza have died from rockets fired by both sides. Hamas initiated the conflict in the wake of weeks of Palestinian protests across Israel during Ramadan.

Follow the latest on the violence here.

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