Tik Tok removes channel of Jewish extremist group Lehava


(JTA) — The video-sharing social network Tik Tok removed the channel of Lehava, a far-right Israeli group that opposes Jewish-Arab coexistence and gay relationships.

The group is led by Benzi Gopstein, who was banned from running in Israeli elections last year as head of the right-wing Jewish Power party due to anti-Arab statements considered incitement to racism.

Tik Tok first took down three of Lehava’s videos and then completely removed the channel after receiving complaints about its content. The channel was permanently blocked over “repeated violations of our community conduct regulations,” Tik Tok said in a statement, according to the Lehava website.

Gopstein told Israel National News that his attorneys are “checking into” filing a lawsuit against Tik Tok.

“You can find every evil on Tik Tok, but somebody who talks a little about Judaism and about not assimilating – this, Tik Tok decided to close,” Gopstein said.

Lehava also has been banned from Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

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