Accused neo-Nazi allowed to register his political party in Argentina


BUENOS AIRES (JTA) — An ultranationalist organization in Argentina led by an accused neo-Nazi won legal approval to register as a political party and will participate in next year’s presidential elections.

Alejandro Biondini announced Wednesday on Twitter to his nearly 11,000 followers that a federal court certified his party to compete in the next election in the Buenos Aires province.

A veteran far-right ultranationalist leader, Biondini has openly espoused anti-Semitism and his admiration for Adolf Hitler. “We vindicate Adolf Hitler,” he said in a TV interview in 1991. In 1988, he led chants of “Death to traitors, cowards and Jews” at a gathering of extreme-right demonstrators in Buenos Aires

His previous party, New Triumph, was banned by Argentina’s electoral court in 2009.

In late November, Buenos Aires Federal Judge Adolfo Gabino Ziulu granted approval to Biondini´s new party, Patriotic Front.  The Argentinean Jewish political umbrella, DAIA, condemned the judge’s decision. DAIA said in a statement the party is a “neo-Nazi and ultra-nationalist movement, a danger to an egalitarian society.”

Biondini also tweeted that he was the most persecuted political leader in recent Argentine history but that now “justice is vindicated in every field. In 2019 we will run in the presidential” elections.

The 2019 elections will take place in October and will chose the next president for a four-year term, as well as governors of the 24 provinces , mayors and local and federal legislators.

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