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  • Jews Mark Legendary Tunisian Rabbi’s Death

    Hundreds gathered at the Jewish cemetery in Tunis to pay homage to a revered scholar who, according to legend, drank himself to death after his wife burned all of his collected work. Tuesday’s attendance for the annual commemoration of Rabbi Hai Taieb’s death reportedly was the largest ever — 500 to 700. Guests from France… More ▸

  • Netherlands May Boycott Durban Ii

    The Netherlands may boycott a United Nations anti-racism conference unless anti-Israel statements are removed from draft documents. Dutch Foreign Minister Maxime Verhagen made the threat Tuesday during an interview on Dutch radio, The Associated Press reported. “It seems like the sole intention is to criticize Israel and condemn the West for slavery and its colonial… More ▸

  • Ethiopian Israeli Success Stories Struggle to Find Jobs

    Asaf Negat, 29, made his way to Israel from Ethiopia as an 11-year-old boy, and worked hard to find his way in a new land and speaking a new language. Eventually Negat graduated with a business degree from one of the country’s top universities. But since completing his studies in the summer of 2006, he… More ▸

  • Egyptian Activists Want Jewish Festival Canceled

    Egyptian activists are urging their government to cancel an annual Jewish festival in the Nile Delta. Thousands of Israelis flock to Egypt every year to celebrate the birthday of Rabbi Yaakov Abu Ha’seira, a 19th century Moroccan holy man who is buried in the Delta village of Demito. Local residents complain about the behavior and… More ▸