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  • Ending Six-month Lull, Bombers Kill Israelis on Beersheba Buses

    The thick clouds of smoke billowing around two bombed buses in Beersheba symbolized how the sense of calm that had settled over Israel this spring and summer could end in a single jolt. At least 16 people died and nearly 100 were injured in two near-simultaneous explosions Tuesday afternoon in the southern Israeli city. Hamas… More ▸

  • Profile Palestinian Doctor in Beersheba Does His Part for Cause of Peace

    Every week, some of Dr. Izzeldin Abuelaish’s neighbors beg him to carry them across the Gaza border to Soroka Hospital in Beersheba. Abuelaish scrutinizes all requests, examining how desperate the patients’ conditions are, whether they come recommended and whether they’ll be able to afford treatment — let alone receive a permit from Israel to cross… More ▸

  • Beersheba Terrorist Admits to Other Attacks on Israelis

    The Palestinian who carried out Monday’s grenade attack in Beersheba has admitted that he murdered a Hebron rabbi and was involved in other terrorist activities. Salem Rajab Sarsour, a 29-year-old resident of Hebron and father of five, was apprehended by bystanders immediately after throwing two hand grenades during the morning rush hour at Beersheba’s central… More ▸

  • Haredim Clash with Antiquities Authority over Site in Beersheba

    Fervently Orthodox Jews and archaeologists have again clashed horns, this time at an electric company construction site in Beersheba, which the haredim claim contains Jewish remains. The conflict began when ruins of a Byzantine church were uncovered at the site where the company planned to build. Archaeologists asked to excavate the area and then discovered… More ▸

  • Bomb Explodes in Beersheba Market

    A bomb blast in Beersheba’s crowded open-air market injured two people Monday. One of them, a 68-year-old recent immigrant from the Soviet Union, was hospitalized for what were described as moderate leg wounds. A woman was treated on the spot for cuts and sent home. The market and surrounding area were sealed off as police… More ▸

  • Beersheba Bedouins Wander, but Not by Their Own Choice

    Half-naked children aimlessly walk barefoot on the yellow desert sand among the ruins of their newly demolished tin huts. Heavily veiled women garbed in black hide behind the curtains of their tents. The men, in a newly erected tent, argue loudly over who is responsible for their plight. These people are Bedouins, traditional nomads of… More ▸

  • Jackson Cancels Plans to Visit South Lebanon, Beersheba

    The Rev. Jesse Jackson today cancelled his earlier plans to visit with Christian militias in south Lebanon and meet Yosef Tekoah, president of the Ben Gurion University of the Negev in Beersheba. After a tour of the Old City the Black leader who heads “Operation PUSH,” visited the Kalandia refugee camp north of Jerusalem and… More ▸