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  • Running on Matzah

    The Associated Press reports on the challenge facing Jonah Pesner, a Reform rabbi: This year’s Boston Marathon is on the second day of Passover, which means running on a full stomach of Matzah (to say nothing of yontif) … Jonah Pesner is looking ahead to his crucial carb-loading, fuel-up meal on the night before running… More ▸

  • Praying for unity

    The Jerusalem Post features two opinion pieces calling for greater displays of Jewish unity – Gil Troy asserts that Israel’s secular leaders need to take a greater part in the public mourning of the Mercaz HaRav yeshiva and a Baltimore-based Orthodox rabbi says denominational leaders need to find a way to pray together in one… More ▸

  • Arnie Eisen to Conservative rabbis: Yes we can

    Neil Rubin, editor of the Baltimore Jewish Times, reports on the appearance of Arnie Eisen, chancellor of the Jewish Theological Seminary of America, at the annual convention of Conservative rabbis – and offers plenty of his own advice: While Conservative Judaism is in no danger of closing up shop, it must redefine and recapture its… More ▸

  • Reform Politics

    Check out this audio dispatch from Ben Harris, who is one of two JTA reporters at this week’s biennial convention of the Union for Reform Judaism. It’s a politically active, extremely liberal crowd of several thousand Jews – and, not surprisingly they’re buzzing in the hallways about the elections and cheering in the auditoriums about… More ▸

  • Chabad: Reform bar mitzvahs are a racket

    Earlier this year Rabbi Eric Yoffie, head of the Union for Reform Judaism, talked a little smack about Chabad’s willingness to sign kids up for Bar Mitzvahs without requiring them to attend a ton of classes or forcing their parents to start showing up to shul: Chabad, however, is often the address for those who… More ▸