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  • Dylan fan site blocks Israeli users

    A Bob Dylan fan site has blocked users inside Israel from accessing the site in what the site operator calls a cultural boycott in response to Israel’s interception of a Gaza-bound flotilla. More ▸

  • Israel was justified on flotilla

    To the Editor: The flotilla had no right to enter an area that is sensitive to Israel’s sovereignty. I do not believe the flotilla was purely humanitarian. I do believe that Iran is fomenting problems in Gaza as it has done since the Islamic revolution, that Turkey is no longer an ally of Israel and… More ▸

  • Israel must cut Turkey ties

    To the Editor: What nonsense to worry that the Israeli interception of the flotilla will tip the balance regarding Turkey. The tipping began with the election of Erdogan as prime minister and his Islamist direction for his country. I don’t understand why Israel is still pretending that Turkey is an ally. All contracts to supply… More ▸

  • Turkey has no room to talk

    To the Editor: Re: With flotilla deaths, Turkey may be near tipping point on Israel," wasn’t it Turkey that massacred a million Armenians during 1914-18. And isn’t Turkey involved with ongoing persecution of the Kurds? It’s nice to know that they’ve acquired humanitarian concerns vis-a-vis Israel. Harry Geduld Bloomington, Ind. More ▸