Israel must cut Turkey ties


To the Editor:

What nonsense to worry that the Israeli interception of the flotilla will tip the balance regarding Turkey. The tipping began with the election of Erdogan as prime minister and his Islamist direction for his country.

I don’t understand why Israel is still pretending that Turkey is an ally. All contracts to supply Turkey with military supplies from Israel should be canceled and any money returned. The sailing of Turkish-flagged ships from Turkish ports to land in Gaza was a violation of international maritime law and could be considered an act of war.

Those interested in getting supplies to Gaza could have voluntarily sailed into Ashdod to offload and have the material trucked to Gaza. This was done after the shops agreed to voluntarily go to Ashdod under Israel Defense Forces escort. Only construction material was not delivered, but later may be shipped if a responsible organization will take responsibility for its proper use.

The casualties occurred on the ship where ambushes were set up and IDF troops were attacked before they set foot on the deck. Instead of M16s they carried paintball guns. Only the Israelis’ hand guns prevented them all from being killed.

Activists on the ship wanted to become martyrs; some got their wish.

Howard Cohn
New Jersey

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