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Great Britain

  • Protesters, Police Clash at London Embassy

    Protesters clashed with police during a demonstration near the Israeli Embassy in London. Seven activists were arrested at Monday’s demonstration as they tried to break down barriers placed by police to keep them away from the embassy compound. About 400 people took part in the demonstration, much smaller than a violent demonstration held on Sunday…. More ▸

  • London Embassy on Alert over White Powder

    The Israeli embassy in London was put on high alert after an envelope containing white powder was delivered. The powder was tested and determined to be harmless Monday. Officials believe that the sender wanted to scare embassy workers. Embassy staff returned to work once it was clear that the powder posed no threat. Shoes were… More ▸

  • Britain Warns: Don’t Buy Property in Settlements

    The British government will warn its citizens against buying property in settlements in the West Bank. A spokeswoman at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office confirmed reports that the warning will be published on its Web site early this week, explaining that future peace agreements “could have consequences for that property.” She added that “this is… More ▸

  • ‘painful Compromises’ Needed, Olmert Tells London Jews

    Ehud Olmert told leaders of the London Jewish community that Israel must make “painful compromises” or risk one state for two people. Speaking here Tuesday night, the Israeli prime minister admitted that he was one of the “dreamers” of greater Israel. But now, he said, “the real choice we have is peace that will require… More ▸