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  • Jewish Women, Liberated from German Camp, Return to Their Homes in Vilna

    The Government of the Lithuanian Soviet Republic today appointed a commission to receive several hundred Jewish women liberated by the Russian Army from the concentration camp which the German established in Torun, Poland, for deported Jewish women. The commission is also to provide the liberated women with clothing, shoes and other necessities. Several hundred of… More ▸

  • Latvian Partisans Rescue 600 Jews; 4,000 Jews Held in Baltic Coastal Town

    Six hundred Jews who had been forced by the Germans in occupied Latvia to work on fortifications were recently liberated by Latvian partisans when transferred to Liepaja, it was reported here today by the newspaper Baltiska Nyheter. No details of the liberation were given, but the report says the Jews who were rescued from the… More ▸

  • Moscow Jewish Committee Issues Report on Nazi Extermination of Jews in Kaunas

    Kaunas, the liberated capital of Lithuania, where only about 1,000 Jews have survived under the German occupation, had been used by the Nazis as an extermination center for Jews from western Europe, it was reported here today by the Jewish Anti-Fascist Committee in a comprehensive survey of more than three years of Jewish life under… More ▸

  • 10,000 Jews Murdered in Kaunas Prior to German Retreat, British Correspondent Reports

    Ten-thousand Jews were murdered in Kaunas, capital of Lithuania, just prior to the German evacuation of the city, it is reported today by the Stockholm correspondent of the London Times. Information reaching the Swedish capital, he writes, says that the Jews fiercely resisted Nazi extermination squads, using arms which had been smuggled into the ghetto…. More ▸

  • Gestapo Leader Responsible for Massacres of Jews in Lithuania Named by Underground

    Swedish newspapers today quoted the latest issue of the Lithuanian underground publication, Laisves Kovotojas, reporting that the person responsible for the two-day massacre of Jews in the Kaunas ghetto which started March 27, is a Lithuanian-German leader of the Gestapo named Helke. He is also responsible for the torture of political prisoners in the Kaunas… More ▸

  • Nazis Massacre 700,000 Polish Jews; Thousands Executed in Mobile Gas Chambers

    More than 700,000 Polish Jews – a third of the entire Jewish population – have been massacred by the Nazis in Poland since last summer, it was charged in a detailed report received here today through underground channels by Samuel Zygelbaum, Jewish member of the Polish National Council. Thousands of these victims were killed by… More ▸

  • Nazis Execute Thousands of Jews in Kaunas and Vilna Districts

    Reliable information reaching here today from Nazi-occupied Lithuania reveals that mass-executions of Jews are taking place in practically every town in the Kaunas and Vilna districts. More than 10,000 Jews have been massacred by the Nazi authorities in five towns alone, the report discloses. In the town of Shavli, the report states, approximately 7,000 Jews… More ▸

  • Nazis Reduce Size of Jewish Ghetto in Kaunas; Jewish Homes Looted in Riga

    Reports from Berlin published today in the Svenska Dagbladet, a Swedish newspaper, reveal that the Nazi authorities have reduced the size of the Jewish ghetto in Kaunas, capital of Nazi-held Lithuania, and have crowded the Jews there into the slums of the city. The Deutsche Zeitung in Ostland, a Nazi paper for the Baltic countries… More ▸