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  • As North Korea Tests Nuke, Israel Worries About Precedent for Iran

    In Israel, many see North Korea’s nuclear brinkmanship and the West’s response to it as a dress rehearsal for a threat far closer to home. Pyongyang’s announcement Monday that it had conducted its first controlled atomic blast stirred worldwide concern. This was especially felt in a Jewish state fearing similar moves by arch-foe Iran in… More ▸

  • S. Korean, Israeli Brass Meet Secretly to Talk About N. Korea

    A senior delegation from South Korea secretly visited Israel last week for talks about the perceived threat both countries face from North Korea. The meeting came in the wake of recent reports that North Korea has sold Iran Nodong missiles, which were developed from the Scud missile and are capable of reaching Israel if fired… More ▸

  • Rabin, in South Korea, Warns of North Korean Missile Sales

    Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin was accused North Korea of selling medium range missiles to Syria and Iran. Rabin, who made the accusation Thursday while on a visit to South Korea, also said North Korea was developing, with the financial backing of Iran, a long- range missile capable of hitting targets 800 miles away. A missile… More ▸

  • Israel and S. Korea Sign Pact

    Israel and South Korea have signed a cooperation agreement in the fields of communication and science. Communications Minister Shulamit Aloni was in South Korea for the signing and called the pact “an important breakthrough.” She told Israel Radio that communications firms from South Korea and Israel will work together on projects in which the main… More ▸

  • Talks with North Korea Suspended by Israel in the Face of U.S. Concerns

    Israel’s decision to suspend diplomatic contacts with North Korea has put an end to a high-level governmental debate on how to deal with the Communist country’s sale of Scud-C missiles to Iran and Syria. The decision, made by top Cabinet officials here Monday, has also removed a potential irritant in U.S.-Israeli relations. Prime Minister Yitzhak… More ▸

  • Israel Reaches out to North Korea to Try to Stem Arms Sales to Iran

    Israeli diplomats are quietly increasing contact with North Korean officials in an effort to stop that country’s sale of missiles to Iran, according to recent news reports here and abroad. North Korea, which currently has no formal relations with Israel, may also be warming up to Israel in order to improve its relations with the… More ▸

  • Syrian Testing of Scud Missiles from North Korea Worries Israel

    Israel’s defense establishment is concerned by the long-term implications of Syria’s purchase of Scud C surface-to-surface missiles from North Korea. In the first disclosure of Syria’s latest acquisition, Prime Minister Rabin, who also holds the defense portfolio, revealed in Washington last week that Damascus had carried out two test firings of two newly obtained Scuds… More ▸

  • ADL Calls on South Korea to Improve Ties with Israel

    The Anti-Defamation League is calling on the South Korean government to develop full diplomatic and economic ties with Israel, now that the U.N. Security Council has voted to recommend South Korea’s admission to the U.N. General Assembly. In response to the Security Council resolution, adopted Aug. 8, ADL’s national chairman, Melvin Salberg, and its national… More ▸

  • Israel, S. Korea Reach Accord

    A scientific cooperation agreement has been signed between the Israel Academy of Sciences and its South Korean counterpart, the first of its kind between Israel and a Southeast Asian country, according to a report in Davar on Tuesday. The agreement was reached following consultations between the president of the Korean Academy of Sciences, who is… More ▸