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  • Weighing in on Feldman’s Paradox

    Rabbi Shmuley Boteach, host of “Shalom in the Home” After graduating from Oxford, Noah went to Yale where his observance began to wane. I heard from some of his class mates that he was now dating a non-Jewish girl. Hearing that he was quite serious about her, when his girlfriend came in turn to Oxford… More ▸

  • Welcoming Intermarried Couples Lowers the Gravity of Intermarriage

    One can’t help but feel sad for Noah Feldman. In spite of his considerable professional accomplishments — a law professorship at Harvard, three books, a slew of well-received essays and a fellowship at the Council on Foreign Relations, to name a few — the young Jew is clearly stewing. A bubble of his own imagining… More ▸

  • Novelists Change the Scenery, but ‘jewish Question’ Still Open

    More than the equator separates the most recent literary creations of Nathan Englander and Michael Chabon. Englander’s much-anticipated first novel, “The Ministry of Special Cases,” is a tragic caper set in the mid-1970s against the backdrop of the Argentine political terror known as the Dirty War. The Yiddish Policemen s Union, Michael Chabon s latest… More ▸

  • Englander Ends Wait for First Novel with Tale of Disappearance in Argentina

    Nearly a decade ago Nathan Englander rocked the literary world with a debut short story collection that gave life to longing through a set of Orthodox Jewish characters yearning for lost love, youth, heritage or freedom. So it’s not surprising that in his highly anticipated debut novel, “The Ministry of Special Cases,” Englander again tackles… More ▸

  • Jewish Writer Takes on Kiev Gangsters in Semi-autobiographical Book on Ukraine

    When Alex Frishberg ditched his job as an attorney in Washington in 1991 and moved back to his native Kiev, he found that the quiet, cozy city of his childhood had transformed into a melting pot that belched out big-time racketeers and clueless bureaucrats. So he wrote about it. “The Steel Barons,” released this spring… More ▸

  • News Brief

    The European Parliament will censor incoming mail addressed to its members. The surprise move, which runs counter to written policies of the institutions, came to light when the Transatlantic Institute, an organization linked to the American Jewish Committee, attempted to send individual copies of Will Eisner’s “The Plot” to parliamentarians. “The Plot,” a graphic novel… More ▸

  • Exposing Waldheim’s Nazi Career Awakened Austrians to Wartime Past

    Revelations about the Nazi past of Kurt Waldheim and the subsequent international ostracism of Austria during his presidency prompted Austrians to re-examine their wartime role, one in which they long identified as Hitler’s victims rather than his allies. Waldheim, who served as Austrian president from 1986 to 1992 after a decade as the United Nations… More ▸

  • What’s a Jewish Writer? Writers Gather to Debate

    Among those jostling for room in crowded conference halls in downtown Jerusalem were a Serbian novelist, a Russian short story writer, an Israeli poet and a German playwright. They were among some 100 writers who gathered from across the world to begin a conversation on what it means to be a Jewish writer. Polish-born writer… More ▸

  • Brazilian Community in Shock After Rabbi Jailed for Shoplifting

    Jewish leaders are awaiting a medical and psychiatric evaluation of Brazil’s best-known rabbi after Henry Sobel was charged with shoplifting designer neckties in Florida. Sobel checked into Sao Paulo’s Albert Einstein Israelite Hospital on March 30, a day after he asked to be temporarily relieved of his duties as head of the Sao Paulo Israeli… More ▸

  • Cartoon Exhibit Brings Artist Past His Fears, into Modern Germany

    In a panel of Jordan Gorfinkel’s “Everything’s Relative” comic strip, Holocaust survivor Zayds explains why he won’t visit Germany. “I’m trying not to remember vhut everyvun else must not forget,” says Zayds, who appears larger than life on the walls of the new Jewish Museum in Munich. The cartoon Zayds eventually goes to Germany. But… More ▸