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shavuot recipe

  • Shavuot with a French accent

    Prolific cookbook author Joan Nathan offers up a little French flair for the Shavuot holiday from her “Quiches, Kugels, and Couscous: My Search for Jewish Cooking in France.” More ▸

  • Cold soups for Shavuot

    In the days before air conditioning, Jews adored dairy soups, beginning at Shavuot and continuing throughout the summer. Here are some recipes that recall a bygone era. More ▸

  • New recipes for Shavuot tradition

    Jeffrey Nathan describes his unlikely path from dishwasher and Navy cook to renowned chef, and how he turned a mistake in preparing a Shavuot dessert into a savory holiday appetizer, smoked salmon cheesecake. More ▸

  • Shavuot: In praise of a much-neglected soup

    NEW YORK, May 10 (JTA) – "My mother used to leave jars full of schav in the refrigerator," says a friend of mine. "Because the stuff looked like seaweed, I would run from the kitchen in horror." Schav, the khaki-colored soup once savored by Ashkenazi Jews, has fallen on hard times in recent decades. Foods… More ▸

  • New ways to use flora and fauna for Shavuot

    Anybody can be the big cheese on Shavuot —you just have to be a little creative. Dairy foods are traditional on the holiday, with cheesecake topping the list of everyone’s favorite Shavuot dessert. If you want to win friends and impress your neighbors, try hosting a top-your-own cheesecake party, with jam and fresh fruit and… More ▸

  • Holiday: ‘Trifling’ with Shavuot

    NEW YORK, May 14 (JTA) — While Jews of Ashkenazi descent have nicknamed Shavuot "the cheesecake holiday," there is a competitor seeking to bump this traditional dessert off its milky white pedestal. Popping up in American gourmet magazines, the famed English trifle is a creamy rich confection layered with pieces of cake, luscious fruits, custard,… More ▸