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  • Around the Jewish World: in Ruins of Former Yugoslavia, Jews Build Links Across Borders

    Amid the still-smoldering wreckage of the former Yugoslavia, a group of committed young Jews is clinging to the dream of a Jewish identity that transcends old conflicts and new national borders. They know their dream could succumb to troubled circumstances, brain-drain emigration or new social and political divisions. Nonetheless, through the past decade of war,… More ▸

  • Around the Jewish World: Yugoslavia’s Aging Jews Look Toward a Difficult Future

    Three weeks after the dramatic ouster of Slobodan Milosevic, the walls of this shabby capital are still plastered with black and white posters boldly proclaiming a triumphant message: “Gotov je” — “He’s Finished.” The mood is high, but no one is expecting miracles. Yugoslavia’s new president, Vojislav Kostunica, has initiated democratic changes aimed at ending… More ▸

  • Behind the Headlines: Yugoslavia’s Jews Celebrate, but Warn Recovery Will Be Hard

    The reaction of Yugoslav Jews to last week’s dramatic downfall of Slobodan Milosevic could be read in the jubilant titles of e mails they sent to friends. “Victory,” said one, after opposition leader Vojislav Kostunica was inaugurated Saturday as president. “We are free,” said another. But as Yugoslavia s 3,000 Jews looked forward to an… More ▸

  • Rabbi Returns from Yugoslavia with Ambivalence About Bombing

    When Rabbi Steven Jacobs was received at the White House on Monday along with other members of Jesse Jackson’s mission to Belgrade that freed three U.S. soldiers, he passed on a message to President Clinton. It came from Aca Singer, the 70-year-old head of the Yugoslav Jewish community, who had told Jacobs, “I did not… More ▸

  • Youth from Ex-yugoslavia Gather Together in Vienna

    With Austria currently holding the rotating presidency of the European Union, conferences here that draw people from several European nations are common. But a gathering here last week was unique: All of the participants were Jewish teen-agers and college students from the five republics of the former Yugoslavia. The 40 participants — several of whom… More ▸

  • Jews in Yugoslavia Fear New Wave of Widespread Nationalism

    Jewish community leaders in Belgrade fear a wave of mounting intolerance fueled by Serbian nationalism and political, social and economic insecurity. “Lately in our society, with increasing frequency and severity, declarations are being made which instigate national, religious and racial hatred and xenophobia,” the Federation of Jewish Communities in Yugoslavia said in a statement issued… More ▸

  • Yugoslavia Turns to Israel for Aid

    Yugoslavia has appealed to Israel for humanitarian aid for the thousands of Serb refugees who fled last week’s Croatian onslaught on the Kranjina region. The region previously was held by rebel Serbs. The request comes only weeks after Israel sent aid to Bosnian Muslims in a joint airlift with Jordan. Ori Orr, head of the… More ▸