Idgescom Challenges “joint” Assertion
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Idgescom Challenges “joint” Assertion

The Joint Distribution Committee had no authority to issue its recent appeal to landsmanschaften desiring to send money for the founding of credit institutions in their native towns in Russia, according to a statement issued by the Idgescom today.

The appeal of the JDC stated that it would see that proper committees were appointed in Russia to administer the money for the purpose intended. The Idgescom contends on the basis of a cable it has received from Odessa that the JDC does not enjoy the right in Russia to appoint such committees.

The Odessa office of the Idgescom also denies the recent report cabled from Russia, telling of the arrest of Professor Jacob Schwartzman and Solomon Leizerovitch, relief workers of the London Federation of Ukrainian Jews. The report is characterised as “absolutely false” by to the Idgescom cable.

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