Roumanian Church Enlisted to Ficht Anti-semitism
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Roumanian Church Enlisted to Ficht Anti-semitism

The Christian Church in Roumania has enlisted in the fight against anti-Semitism, which has gained great headway in Roumania lately. The Metropolitan of Moldavia today issued a call for a conference of clergymen to take steps to combat the anti-Semitic agitation.

This action is in line with that launched at Bucharest by the Metropolitan Christea, the Professors Jorga and Dusti, and M. Foru, a noted writer, in conducting an educational campaign against anti-Semitism.

The move of the clergy is directed in particular against the brand of anti-Jewish agitation fostered by Professor Cuza, who has succeeded in gathering under his fold many Roumanian students, who are responsible for the recent excesses, especilly at Jassy.

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