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Bavarlan Government Takes Up Bill Depriving Jews of Citizenship Rights

A bill introduced by the Voelkische Partei in the Bavarian Diet, aiming to deprive the Jews of their citizenship rights, was taken up last Saturday by the Constitutional Committee of the Diet.

During the discussion, the bill received the support of Mr. Hilpert, the Chairman of the Dentsch Nationale Partei. A vote on the bill will be taken at the next meeting of the Committee.

The bill calls for the following: 1, the exclusion of all Jews from state offices; 2, the prohibition of Jews to own land or buildings in Bavaria; 3, the introduction of a Numerus Clausus for Jewish students; 4, the dismissal of all Jewish professors from state universities; 5, the expulsion of all foreign Jews, who are resident in Bavaria, and the confiscation of their property.