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B’nai Brith Establishes Hilel Foundation for Jewish Education in American Colleges

A committee consisting of Judge Fisher, Rabbi Louis Mann, Leon L. Lewis and Rabbi Benjamin Frankel, was appointed today by Adolph Kraus, President of the B’nai Brith, to visit Wisconsin University, at Madison, Wisconsin, in order to make the necessary arrangements there for the establishment of a Hilel Foundation for the Jewish students attending this university.

The Hilel Foundation aimsto give the Jewish students in the American colleges an education in Jewish social, cultural and religious problems. This foundation was established last semester at the University of Illinois, under the direction of Rabbi Frankel.

Dr. Moses Jung, Professor at the London Dropsie College and Lecturer at the Universities of Vienna, Berlin and Cambridge, has been appointed by the general office of the B’nai Brith to conduct courses in Jewish subjects at the Universities of Illinois and Wisconsin. Dr. Jung is the author of the “Jewish Laws of Theft.”