Communists Remove Discriminations Against Jewish Land Settlers
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Communists Remove Discriminations Against Jewish Land Settlers

Steps for the purpose of removing the discriminations against Jews who are desirous of settling on the land, but who can not produce evidence that they were engaged in farming before the War.

have been taken by the Zik, the Central Executive Committee of the Communist Party in White Russia.

The Zik has officially ordered a revision of the instructions issued to the Agrarian Commissariats to the effect that those who were farm workers before the War should be given preference. The revised instructions now state that all applicants for land settlement, even though they had not engaged in farming before the War, should be given an equal opportunity to obtain land. The Jews, who had not been farmers before the War, had been discriminated against by the first instructions.

A special commission for the distribution of the land was created by the Zik. The President of that commission is Ignatovsky, who is the Secretary of the Zik, and the Vice-President is Lewine. Other members of the commission are the Jewish Communists, Asherowitsch, Goldman and Weinfest.

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