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Flight from Taif Confirmed by Hussein’s Representative; King’s Situation Weak Owing to His Unpopular

The representative of King Hussein in Cairo confirmed, in an official statement issued by him today, the information that the Wahabi forces have occupied the city of Taif, sixty miles from Mecca. Taif was the summer residence of King Husein’s court. The army defending this city was commanded by Emir Ali, the eldest son of King Hussein.

The situation of king Hussein’s army in the Hedjas is considered here to be very weak, so that the Egyptian charitable funds, assigned for Moslem religious purposes and kept, until recently, in Mecca, were ordered to be transferred to Jeddah. It is stated here that the situation of King Hussein’s army, retreating under the pressure of the Wahabi forces, will become even more serious, owing to the fact that Hussein does not enjoy great popularity with the nomadic tribes of the Hedjas.