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Hungarian Government Proceeds Against Jewish Leaders for Helping Victims of Numerus Clausus

The Hungarian Government has discovered a new crime for which Jewish leaders are to be prosecuted, and possibly punished. This crime is the collection of funds for the relief of those Jewish students who are eager to receive a college education, but who are prevented from pursuing their studies by the Numerus Clausus prevailing in the Hungarian universities.

The police here have started proceedings against Dr. Lederer, the President of the Jewish Kehillah of Budapest, ex-Minister Vaszonyi, Vice President of the Kehillah, Chief Rabbi Hevesi and Dr. Szabolosi, the editor of the Budapest Jewish paper, “Egyenlosig” for their action in raising funds with which to send the victims of the Numerus Clausus to other countries to study.

The accused have submitted a memorandum to the Hunarian Minister of Education, Count Klebelsberg, declaring that the raising of funds for the victims of the Numerus Clausus is the holiest duty of Hungarian Jewry.