Korfanty Arrives in Vienna to Negotiate with Bosel
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Korfanty Arrives in Vienna to Negotiate with Bosel

Albert Korfanty, the notorious leader of the Polish rebellion in upper Silesia, has arrived here to negotiate with Sigmund Bosel for the sale of Bosel’s share in the upper-Silesian coal mines.

The story is told that Sigmund Bosel, who is a Jew and the richest man in Austria, recently went into partnership with Korfanty, who is a bitter anti-Semite, for the purpose of buying up all the available coal mines in upper-Silesia, after the original German owners had sold them in discouragement. Now, it is said, Korfanty wants to demonstrate his patriotism by buying back Bosel’s ahare so that the property may remain in Polish hands.

Bosel, who, it is reported, doubled his fortune recently by lucky speculation in francs, may not be anxious, at this time, to give up his rights in the mine properties.

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