M.m. Ussishkin Works for National Fund in Roumania
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M.m. Ussishkin Works for National Fund in Roumania

M.M. Ussishkin, Director of the Jewish National Fund in Palestine, who is now touring Roumania, has been very successful in securing contributions to the Fund, particularly among the Jewish communities of Bessarabia.

The sum of half a million Roumanian lei was contributed upon Mr. Ussishkin’s appeal at the local synagogue in Jassy. In Kishineff, Senator Sanilieviche invited a group of Jewish financiers, whom Mr. Ussishkin succeeded in interesting in Palestinian enterprises.

Mr. Ussishkin received the promise of the Bessarabian officials that no obstacles would be put in the way of Zionist work in the frontier districts of Bessarabia.

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