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Orthodox Representatives, Frightened by Singing of Hatikvah in Sejm, Resign

The singing of the Zionist hymn, “Hatikvah,” in the Polish Sejm, as well as the strong oppositional speech made by one of the Jewish deputies are responsible for a new break in the bloc of the Jewish deputies.

The Jewish orthodox deputies, Kirschbraun and Rabbi Levin, resigned today from the political commission of the Jewish Sejm Club as a protest against the singing of the “Hatikvah” by the Jewish deputies, last Wednesday, when the representatives of the national minorities in the Polish Diet left the meeting of that body, singing their national songs.

The orthodox deputies also expressed their indignation at the fact that Deputy Greenbaum, as the chairman of the political commission, allowed himself, in his speech during the discussion on the minority bill, to be sharp and oppositional in his attitude toward the Polish Government.