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Palestine Telegraphic Agency Despatches, Palestinian Arabs to Hold New Congress

The Congress of Palestinian Arabs will take place on June 15th. This was decided upon today by the Palestine Arab Executive, under the leadership of the anti-Zionist Muza Kazim Pasha. According to the regulations issued, every 5,000 Arabs will be entitled to one delegate to that congress.

It was stated that the congress will deal with the present situation in Palestine in connection with the recent developments in Syria, Hedjas and Hesopotamia, and will particularly voice its opinion on the question of the office of the High Commissioner of Palestine, which is to be vacant shortly, when the five year term of Sir Herbert Samuel will expire.

It will be recalled that the first so-called Arab congress, held a few years ago was representative of only the wealthier classes among the Arabs, and was the creation of Muza Kazim Pasha. This congress resulted in the rise of anti-Zionist feeling and the formation of the Palestine Arab Executive.