Reichstag May Deliver to Court Accuser of Warburg Family
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Reichstag May Deliver to Court Accuser of Warburg Family

Theodore Fritsch, the German anti-Semitic author and member of the Reichstag for the Voelkische Partei, will shortly have to prove, in court. the truth of his assusation that Nessrs. Medchior and Max Warburg of Hamburg, who acted as the financial experts for Germany during the Versailles negotiations with the Allies, subverted the interests of Germany in favor of the Allies, in conjunction with Mr. Felix M. Warburg of New York.

Both Mr. Max Warburg and Mr. Melchior have started libel actions against Fritsch. It will be necessary, before these actions can be tried, to have the Reichstag waive Fritsch’s immunity

as a member. The Judicial Committee of the Reichstag submitted on Saturday its report expressing the opinion that Fritsch should not be delivered to the Court. The general body of the Reichstag, however, referred the question back to Committee, and it is probable that Fritsch will be delivered to the court to prove his charges.

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