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Zionists Accused of Conspiracy Against Life of Yevseksia Chairman

The accusation that the Zionists of White Russia have been involved in a conspiracy against the life of the Chairman of the Yevseksia was the reason for the recent arrest of many local Zionists by the agents of the Yevseksia. Many Jewish parents, whose sons fled from arrest, were arrested in their place.

The Hebrew teacher, Merles, whose house was to be searched by the Yevseksia agents, died from heart failure upon their entrance. He had been on several previous occasions arrested for his activity in the Hebrew Cultural Society, “Tarbuth.”

Correction: In Yesterday’s item about the Sinai tablets, bottom of page 3, the inscription with regard to Hyatshepshu should read: “I am Hyatshepshu Hnem Jamon, head of the Temple of Mana of Jahu on Sinai.”