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Arabs Accept Tide Zionist Immigration?

Hassan Sidki??? Il Dajani publishes in “moraat-el-Sherk” a Palestinian problem. To realize clause 22 of the Peace Treaty, i.e. to establish here a national Government whose officials and employees must be Arabs, the author writes; “At the head of that Government will be one of two Emirs, i.e., Abdullah or Zeid, who will rule also over Transjordania. English advisors would be appointed in each department of the Palestine Government”.

Regarding the Zionist Immigration the writer says: “We will secure freedom for Jewish immigration to Palestine, but it must not be thought that we accept the Balfour Declaration or receive Jewish immigration as a right possessed by the Jews.

“We shall leave to the English a large part in the Administration of the Immigration-so we understand the Balfour Declaration”.