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Joint Distribution Committee Urged to Intervene Against Persecution of Jewish Religion, Zionism and

Protest against the Soviet Government and the Jewish Communists for persecuting Zionists and attacking the Hebrew language and the Jewish religion in Russia was voiced yesterday at a luncheon given by the American Zion Commonwealth on the occasion of the Seventh Anniversary of the Balfour Declaration.

“What has the Joint Distribution Committee, which was in a position to exercise influence on Russian authorities, done in order to stop this cruelty against the Zionist workers on the part of the Yevsektzia; has the J. D. C. taken any measures in this direction, and if not why?” This was asked by Mr. Emanuel Neuman, Secretary of the Palestine Foundation Fund, who presided at the luncheon.

“The fields of Ukrainia and Crimea which are wet with Jewish blood, are being offered to the starved and tortured Russian Jews as a substitute for Palestine. It is misrepresentation, audacity and trickery combined. The Jewish Communists know very well that uncultivated land, of which there’s plenty in the Russian Empire, is not the most important element in a colonization enterprise. More important are hundreds of millions of dollars necessary for the promotion of such a plan, which they hope to obtain from American Jews through misrepresentation and propaganda which give rise to baseless hopes,” Mr. Neuman stated.