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Arthur Dinter, German Anti-semitic Leader, Tried to Marry Rich Jewish Girls

Arthur Dinter, leader of the anti-Semitic Voelkische Party and author of several pseudo-scientific books of an anti-Semitic nature, is an anti-Semite only in theory. In practice he had particular preference for rich Jewish girls.

This was made known today at a sensational trial here. The “Berliner Tageblatt,” in one of its recent articles, declared that “Arthur Dinter’s books, ‘Blood Crimes’ and ‘Light on the Talmud’, are dirty pamphlets issued for speculation purposes.” Dinter took exception to this definition of his literary career and started proceedings against the publishers of the “Tageblatt.”

Dr. Alfred Klee and Dr. Samuel Gronemann, attorneys for the newspaper, submitted evidence that Dinter was an immoral person and that in spite of his anti-Semitic preachings, he had endeavored to marry rich Jewish girls. The trial was postponed because the Talmudic expert, Bischoff, whom Dinter called as a witness, did not appear.