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Henry Ford Supports Roumanian Anti-semitic Fascisti Organization, Establishes Jassy Chief of Police

Henry Ford, American millionaire and author of the libelous book, “The International Jew,” is indirectly involved in the murder of the Jassy Chief of Police, Montchu, who was shot by a member of the Roumanian students’ anti-Semtic Fascisti organization.

Investigation conducted in connection with the murder, established the fact that the Roumanian Fascisti organization has been receiving support from Henry Ford, according to statements made today in the local Roumanian press.

Montchu was murdered in the District Court of Jassy on October 25, during court proceedings which were started against him by the students’ organization. The charge brought against the Chief of Police was that during the recent anti-Semitic students disturbance in Jassy he suppressed these disturbances in a cruel manner.

During the proceedings many anti-Semitic students were in court. Among them was CornelliZelia Cadriani, a son of the well-Known anti-Semitic leader, Professor Zelia Cadriani. After the prosecuting attorney, Dumbrovo, brought the charge against the Chief of Police, the judge closed the session, stating that the verdict would be issued in a few days.

As the people and the Chief of Police were leaving the courtroom, Cornelli Zelia Cadriani walked up to Montchu and fired at him. The bullet penetrated his head and he died instantly. The murderer endeavored to escape, firing at the policemen who attempted to arrest him. He was arrested after wounding two policemen.