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Ukraine Has No Unlimited Land Reserves for Jewish Colonization, Warns Secretary-general of Ukrainian

The secretary-General of the Ukrainian Government has made a statement to the Press to-day on the subject of Jewish colonization in the Ukraine, pointing out that the land reserves in the possession of the Ukrainian Government are too small to be able to satisfy the great demand which is being made for land by Jewish applicants. We have no unlimited land reserves, he said, and the amount of land which we have at our disposal cannot provide for more than several thousand Jewish families during the next spring. These will be settled on the land in the Ukraine with as much dispatch as is possible. The number of persons to be settled in this manner during the spring is expected to be about 20,000 to 30,000. The Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of the Crimea states that it is receiving numerous applications from Jews in the Ukraine and in other parts of the Federated Soviet Republics asking for land to be allocated to them in Northern Crimea for Jewish agricultural settlement and for facilities for establishing Jewish agricultural associations and Jewish agricultural colonies.