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A Communication to the Editor

Dear Sir:

Permit me to make the following correction with reference to the article of Mr. B. Katz, which was quoted in your Digest from the “Jewish Morning Journal” of November 16.

Mr. Katz states that Mr. Marshall and Mr. Warburg, in a letter to me at Kieff, declared that “the Joint Distribution Committee did not aim to assist individuals.”

While I am in agreement with the general attitude of Mr. Katz towards the project of Jewish colonization work on a larger scale in Ukrainia and Crimea, I must state that I never spoke to him on this matter and I assume that he has repeated an inaccurate statement.

I never wrote to Mr. Marshall. The question to which Mr. Katz makes reference concerned my appeal on behalf of the Jewish intellectuals starving in Russia, about whom I addressed a letter to Mr. Felix Warburg. In reply to this I was advised by Mr. Warburg that the resources of the Joint Distribution Committee were well-nigh exhausted and “it is that fact alone which has made it necessary to discontinue further relief work in Russia.”