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Rebuilding Palestine is in Harmony with the Spirit of the Age

as a matter of simple justice, but also for the benefit of all humanity, that each of the peoples of the World (except the few with marked mental deficiencies) is entitled to a national center, where the spirit of the race can find its free self-expression.

“The nine new countries which extend in a solid block across Europe from the White and Baltic Seas on the north to the Black and Adriatic Seas on the south, recompense the world for the losses and sufferings of the great war. The recent triumphs of the principle of self-determination are also to be found in Egypt, in Arabia, and in the British Dominions.

“Is the Jew only to be excluded from this greatest of all human privileges? The answer to this question lies in the hands of the Zionist Organization. Its recent report justifies its friends, both within and without the organization, in believing that these hands are efficient ones.