Communist Jewish Cultural Workers Open Conference in Moscow
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Communist Jewish Cultural Workers Open Conference in Moscow

“The Jewish people possess high culture, energy and ability, and the human race should be thankful to the Jews for the great idealists and revolutionary leaders which they have given to the world”, Lunatcharsky, Commissar of Education in the Soviet Government, declared today at the first All-Russian conference of Jewish cultural workers, which was opened here today.

A parade marked the opening of the conference. Madam Krupskaia, Lunatcharsky and Morris Wintchewsky were elected as the presidium.

Inquiries were directed to the Commissar of Education by several members of the conference as to why the Soviet Government supported the Hebrew theatre, Ha’bima, in Moscow, which is a bourgeois institution. In reply Lunatcharsky stated that the Ha’bima never received any subsidy from the Government. Besides, the Ha’bima was excluded from the list of academic state theatres two weeks ago.

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