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Professor Margolis Elected President of Palestine Oriental Society

Professor Max L. Margolis, of Dropsie College, has been elected President of the Palestine Oriental Society. Prof. Margolis is teaching here at the American School of Archaeology, a school supported by the leading American Universities. He is one of the professors chosen to teach at the first semester of the Institute of Jewish Studies to be inaugurated shortly.


Owing to an error the following paragraph was omitted in yesterday’s Daily News Letter “Can the Dead Sea Supply Potash for the World’s Agriculture?”

Whereas ocean water contains about one-twentieth of its weight in dissolved solids, the solids in solution in Dead Sea water make up one-fourth its weight. Potassium cloride makes up about one-fifteenth of the total salts but common salt (sodium cloride) is fully five times as plentiful. The isolation of the potassium salts, therefore, might be somewhat difficult on a commercial scale.