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Two Anti-semitic Bomb Conspiratiors Sentenced to Death in Budapest

The verdict in the trial of the anti-Semitic bomb conspirators which threw Hungary into a political crisis two weeks ago, was rendered yesterday.

Joseph Marffy, 24 years old, bank official and ex-secretary of the Awakening Magyars and Karl Marosi, 24 years old, druggist, were sentenced to death.

Joseph Rado, 17 year old druggist apprentice, was sentenced to ten years’ imprisonment. Joseph Horratch Halas, 23 years old, factory employee, and Joseph Szasz, 21 years old, court clerk, were sentenced to six months’ imprisonment. Frank Vargha, 23 years old, clerk, was sentenced to five months imprisonment.

They were charged with committing the following crimes:

Throwing a bomb at the orthodox Jewish synagogue in Neupest on November 24, 1923.

Throwing a bomb at the French Embassy November 16, 1923.

Throwing a bomb at the Czechian Embassy October, 1923.

Throwing a hand grenade into the office of the newspaper, Az Est.

Throwing a bomb at the residence of Depus Rassey February 20, 1923.

Throwing a bomb at the court building in Budapest on August 22, 1923.

Installing a machine bomb in the Elizabethsta## Club on April, 1922.