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Disagreement of Bolshevist Leaders Causes Anxiety Among Ukrainian Jews

Travellers who have arrived recently from Ukrainia report that there is an increased nervousness felt among the Jewish population of Ukrainia on account of the political tension prevailing at present among the Bolshevist rulers. The disagreement between Trotzky and the triumverate, and his resignation as War Minister, is considered as a precursor of a much graver situation.

The Jews in Ukrania who have suffered under the intense anti-Semitic tactics of the Soviet Government, who, in their attempt to Ukrainize the entire administration, have removed even Jewish communists from their positions, are afraid of catastrophic consequences should the conflict between Trotzy and the other Commissars reach a critical state.

The anti-Semitic feeling among the peasantry was never stronger than now and despite all barriers which make emigration practically impossible for Ukrainian Jews who desire to leave Russia some have succeeded in reaching the Polish frontier.