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Conference in Polish Ministry of Commerce Discusses Economic Demands of Jewish Population

(Jewish Telegraphic Agency)

The possibility of relieving the economic distress of Polish Jews by partly mitigating the effects of the compulsory Sunday closing law was discussed at a conference of Polish officials and leaders of the Club of Jewish Deputies which took place at the Ministry of Commerce yesterday, according to a report in the “Najer Hajnt.”

The conference took up the economic demands of the Jewish population. One of the outstanding demands of the Jewish population, as will be recalled, was the removal of the compulsory Sunday rest law. It was proposed at the conference that Jewish storekeepers be permitted to keep their stores open for two hours on Saturday evening.

It was suggested that this permission be extended to Jewish storekeepers through a government ordinance issued as an administrative measure, in order to avoid possible opposition in the Sejm.

Official figures published today show that during the year 1925 the mortality of the Jewish population in the city of Warsaw increased considerably, due to the economic crisis. Four thousand two hundred and fifty-eight Jews died in Warsaw during last year.