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Julius Rosenwald Adds $50,000 to His Contribution in Chicago $4,000,000 Campaign

(Jewish Daily Bulletin)

With $500,000 of its $4,000,000 quota still unsubscribed, the Jewish United Drive was spurred to renewed efforts by the promises of Julius A. Rosenwald to pay the last $50,000 into the fund. In addition to giving $1,000,000 to the Overseas Chest directly, Mr. Rosenwald had previously subscribed $250,000 to the local fund, one fourth of which is to augment the $15,000,000 chest, and Mrs. Rosenwald had subscribed $25,000.

Following Mr. Rosenwald’s example, Max Adler added $8,500 to his former contribution of $51,500.

A joint rally of workers was held at the Congress Hotel.