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Polish Government Instructs Governors of Eastern Provinces to Facilitate Residents Acquiring Citizen

(Jewish Telegraphic Agency)

Many Jewish residents in the Eastern Provinces of the Polish Republic will be enable to acquire Polish citizenship, according to an ordinance issued by the Ministry of the Interior, Roczkiewicz, yesterday.

The ordinance, in conformity with the decision of the Political Committee of the Polish Cabinet, urged the governors of the Districts of Nowogrodek, Brezesc Litewski, Lusk and Bialystok to enable the “men without a country,” residents in the provinces for a number of years who were not born in Polish territory, to become Polish citizens. The ordinance instructs the governors to adopt a liberal procedure in the process of granting citizenship.

(Under the Treaty of Versailles, Poland has undertaken to grant the option of Polish citizenship to all those persons who were residents of Polish territory on the date when the treaty was signed. The procedure of Polish authorities in this matter caused considerable hardship to many persons affected, including great numbers of Jews. The question of granting citizenship to these persons was one of the concessions negotiated in the Polish Jewish agreement ,it was understood.)