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Zionist Party Council Accepts Resignation of Dr. Reich from Presidency of Club of Jewish Deputies

(Jewish Telegraphic Agency)

The resignation of Dr. Leon Reich from the presidency of the Club of Jewish Deputies in the Polish parliament was accepted by the Zionist Party Council, called for the purpose of considering the crisis within the Club of Jewish Deputies.

This decision, which is likely to bring about a considerable change in the policy of the Club of Jewish Deputies, was taken following a full day’s discussion which was often stormy.

It was stated that the probable successor to Dr. Reich will be Deputy Weinzieher of Bendzin, a non-partisan.

It was rumored today that unity was restored within the ranks of the Zionist Organization in Congress Poland by an agreement concluded between the two groups, Al Ha’mishmar, the Gruenbaum group, and the Eth Livnoth, the Gottlieb Levite group. It was declared that according to this agreement the Eth Livnoth undertook to support the Sejm policy of the Gruenbaum group and the Al Ha’mishmar undertook to support the policy of the Eth Livnoth group on Zionist matters.

At the session of the Zionist Party Council, Mr. Leon Levite, president of the Council, pointed out that the events within the Club are likely to have a demoralizing influence in party discipline and involves the danger of the breaking up of the Zionist Organization in Poland. Deputy Rosenblatt of Lodz criticized the action of Dr. Schipper in with drawing from the Club without the consent of the Zionist Party Council, as well as the withdrawal of the Galician deputies from the Party Council. He demanded that those who violated the party discipline be asked to lay down the mandate they hold from the party.

Speakers of the opposition charged Dr. Reich with conducting a slavish policy in the Sejm.